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Fairy House Art Case Sewing Pattern


My girl LOVES it and has used it non-stop since she got home yesterday. She also loves that the book pocket is sturdy enough to use as a wee desk.

I took it along to a mum's group yesterday and got such great feedback on it. Everyone loved it - I'll have to cost it out to see what it would sell for.


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fairy house art case sewing pattern

Fairy House Art Case - A super cute and functional pattern for kids to carry their favorite books and pens. 

Totally customizable pattern with lots of fun option. Can easily fit an A4 book color set and other stuff.

20% OFF on all patterns until 25th March!

Use code celebrations at checkout!

Offer expires in:

What's so Awesome about Fairy House Art Case?

  • features an enchanted design that will be adored by little ones who will LOVE you for making their dreams come to LIFE!
  • large book pocket is perfect for storing A4/LETTER size notebooks and books 
  • ample space to store pens and sharpies in the elastic and vinyl pockets.
  • can be carried on road trips as well as school and picnics to keep the little ones occupied everywhere you go!
fairy house art case sewing pattern for kids3
fairy house art case sewing pattern (1)
fairy house art case sewing pattern (1)


Finished mine this morning and my daughter too already claimed it.


My little one took over the bag as soon as I was done with pictures.


?I loved working with this pattern. Even though I am just a beginner in bag makers world , it didn't take too much effort to figure out. Over all Every step is self explanatory. I would love to make any of your patterns again.

20% OFF on all patterns until 25th March!

Use code celebrations at checkout!

Offer expires in:

What you will get when you purchase this pattern:

24/7 Facebook group support for any questions

20 pages of step by step detailed tutorials with pictures with pattern to cut out the shapes for the bag pieces

Can be printed on both "letter" and "A4" size pages.

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List of Supplies for Fairy House Art Case

  • 1/2 yard of fabric A, B, and C (quilting cotton)
  • ¼ yard of fabric D, E and F (quilting cotton)
  • ¼ yard clear vinyl
  • 1 yard of medium weight fusible interfacing (SF 101)
  • ½ yard fusible fleece (Pellon Thermolam TP971F)
  • 2 14” zipper
  • 14” ½” wide elastic
  • ½ yard Velcro strip
  • Contrasting ric-rac
  • ID Card/credit card

Praises for Fairy House Art Case Pattern

Fairy House Art Case Made by Others


"This pattern is a straightforward, easy to follow with very clear instructions. The finished bag is a perfect gift for your little artist, great for keeping the kids quiet on a journey. It can be adapted for a boy or a girl just by changing the fabrics used. Plan on making many more of these in preparation for Christmas and birthdays."

20% OFF on all patterns until 25th March!

Use code celebrations at checkout!

Offer expires in:

About the Designer: Javeriya Sid

I'm Javeriya, author and pattern designer at Sew Some Stuff. I LOVE designing anything and everything, but, most of all I enjoy designing and sewing BAGS, especially in PINK! Glitter and sparkly stuff are my weakness, also, cats and horses. :D

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