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Tired of messy closet with no space for your gorgeous bags?

I have the PERFECT bag storage solution for you! 


Super Handy Bag Organizer Pattern

This hanging closet organizer for bags will transform your life!

Handy bag storage organizer

If you're.....

  • someone who LOVES to sew lots of bags 
  • someone who LOVES to own lots of bags but have no bag storage space in your wardrobe
  • or someone who fits in both of the above categories,


Super Handy Bag Organizer Pattern is Awesome because it...

  • Gives your bags a perfect place to stay so they won't lose their shape
  • Keeps your closet organized all the time.
  • With one pattern and thrift store fabric you can sew SEVERAL Super Handy Bag Organizers saving lots of money.
  • The organizer has 4 pockets on one side and 2 on the other. You can even customize the pockets to use the organizer for shoe storage.

What you will get when you purchase this pattern:

  • 5 pages of step by step detailed tutorials with pictures for Super Handy Bag Organizer 
  • 24/7 Facebook group support for any questions

Make bag organizers from this pattern and sell them at craft shows. With one sale, you can get back on the amount you spent on buying this pattern and tutorial.

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A little about Sew Some Stuff

Sew Some Stuff sewing pattern store is home to fun and unique collection of bag sewing patterns with friendliest customer service on the market.

All sewing patterns in the shop first go through a detailed round of testing where 8-10 awesome bag makers read the patterns, make the bags, point out the mistakes which are then fixed. The bag makers then proofread the sewing patterns again before it is made available for purchase. We only give you the best! I promise.

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Sew Some Stuff patterns come with a 100% money-back guarantee…but I don’t stop there. I promise, with these bag sewing patterns you will make a STUNNING bag that will turn heads and make people wonder where on earth you got such a beautiful looking bag, without struggling through the patterns.

I take your bag making love very seriously, and you have my personal promise that I will not rest until you have made a bag that you love.

I believe in my work so much, I guarantee it for life. If you find any mistakes in the pattern or you are unable to finish your bag because of some difficult step, just send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will immediately give you a COMPLETE refund.

If you aren’t happy, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money, so I make it easy to get a refund. And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and I promise I won’t question you. I won’t even ask for the pattern back.

Just make sure you include your name and e-mail address that you used to perform the transaction.

Just for the record, I’ve sold 100+ patterns and haven’t had a single refund request.

In fact, I’m so confident with my work and so sure you’ll absolutely enjoy sewing bags with Sew Some Stuff patterns, that I’m making this promise…anyone who requests a refund will receive, without question, hassle or delay immediate refund!

List of Supplies for Super Handy Bag Organizer

  • 3 yards of fabric A (upholstery or heavy weight canvas)
  • 1 yard of fabric B (upholstery or heavy weight canvas)
  • 3 yards of medium weight fusible interfacing
  • Sturdy wooden hanger

Praises for Super Handy Bag Organizer

The Handy Bag organizer is great for getting shoes and purses off the floor and making room in your closet. A simple quick fix for spring cleaning.

Ellen Wilson 

I love the pattern. It's short and easy to follow. The measurements to attach the pockets threw me off at first until I really looked at the diagram. But, it's a good pattern.


Great bag for storage of purses, shoes or other items. Sews up quickly and is durable enough for heavier items! Instructions are easy to follow for beginners, however beginners might want to use lighter fabric.

Bonnie Hoover 

The Handy Bag Storage is an easy pattern that provides storage for all different sized bags. The pockets are even big enough to accommodate some totes. The pattern was simple to follow, and goes together quickly. It can sit on a normal plastic or wood hanger. I like this pattern because it is a great way to match your home decor, and keep your closet organized..

Sharon Gosack

I personally love how easy it was to make and also being able to use so many kinds of fabrics to make this. You can use a fabric that match the theme of a room.

Milagros Irizarry

 Super Handy Bag Organizer Made by Others

lady boss laptop bag
Lady boss laptop bag sewing pattern and video tutorial 2

Super Handy Bag Organizer makes a PERFECT bag storage solution!

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About the Designer: Javeriya Sayeed

I'm Javeriya, author and pattern designer at Sew Some Stuff. I LOVE designing anything and everything, but, most of all I enjoy designing and sewing BAGS, especially in PINK! Glitter and sparkly stuff are my weakness, also, cats and horses. :D


Terms and Conditions

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1. Written permission is required to copy, translate and or distribute copies of this pattern or instructions.

2. If you sell bags made from Sew Some Stuff patterns, please include a credit to all your online listings stating that your item is made from a Sew Some Stuff pattern. A link to my Etsy shop would be appreciated.

3. Patterns can be only used for home sewing. Mass production of bags using the purchased patterns is not allowed